Direct Vs Indirect Pickup (Infield Day Game Analysis by Justin Wayne)

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Published on September 27, 2013

Justin Wayne of Justin Wayne Dating shows complete infield pickup from opening, kiss close, date, and pull.

  1. MIvarsson99

    Or else what?!?!
    The woman will crack out an uzi and shoot him cold in the streets?

  2. Max Harper

    This should inspire people… This #%!* #%*” can hardly speak, is ugly as fuck and is nicking your f#ing girlfriend!

  3. David M. G.


  4. Charismatic Recluse

    Geez, hope this guy NEVER runs into my girlfriend.

  5. f50koenigg

    The guy is a student and of course he is hovering so he could watch and learn from MASTER getting girls.

  6. Kyan st.marthe

    whats with the Crickets

  7. Alex Mentzer

    crystalized by the xx

  8. Will C

    the guy who went with him was such a chode. He hovered and obviously could not approach himself what a disgrace

  9. kkevin369

    I’m going to try indirect game. Direct game hasn’t worked that well for me

  10. curtflirt2

    It could be but you have to remember, this guy is a pro. A starter shouldn’t do it that way or else.

  11. curtflirt2


  12. Kerby Marcelin

    Oui Monsieur! That’s the reason why I am single!

  13. marko pekic

    When is lisa comming : ) ?

  14. hotgirlsarehot

    Anyone know the song at the start of the video?

  15. RcLulu1

    Did you get the 2nd girl’s phone number?

  16. Jo Blob

    I think on the contrary that it make him look like a rockstar or someone with high value who doesn’t want to be recognized…arise mystery and fantasy

  17. Jo Blob


  18. f50koenigg

    The first girl wearing black looks like young angelina jolie. Am i right?

  19. LuxLucis7

    Wayne, when I fee the girl is scared/wondering “why the hell is this guy talking to me”, I usually just say “I’m talking to you because I thought you were cute” and almost a sight of relief comes out.

    Don’t you think that keeping it indirect while the woman is worried can be a bit too tricky?

  20. MOSES199

    The girl in the very begin with the black is the hottest chick i seen him with, so far.

  21. Tierren32

    White women are more open to carry on a conversation with a strange man being friendly to them not to hurt their feelings. At the same time that kind of behavior is damaging to the unsuspecting boyfriend at home not knowing his girl is out with another guy. Being a single guy guarantees not getting played by some chick !

  22. ed32ification

    i like your style justin

  23. Dee Cee

    Really nice. Do you maintain relationships with them all?

  24. ctrix23

    he’s not a smooth talker. Its hard to understand him

  25. pioneer2525

    Hey man you really inspired me How did you get that comfortable approaching like that. I seem to freeze up or have lack of conversation any advice.

  26. PUA philosophies and techniques are a scam and they don’t work. If you want to learn how to be successful with women, you need to be Direct, real and honest instead.

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