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Never forget a line again!

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. For all of its features, see below. THIS APP IS NOT YET AVAILABLE, BUT WILL BE VERY SOON! PLEASE SIGN UP BELOW TO BE NOTIFIED AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED.

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Manage Your PUA Arsenal

All Types of Lines

More than just pickup lines, this amazing app is loaded with field tested openers, negs, pull lines, responses and more.

More Subcategories

than any other app, allows you to drill down to the specific line you need. Whether it be a situational opener, a bold neg, or a funny response, there are over a dozen subcategories to choose from.

Organized by Effectiveness

or posting date, the app allows users to vote on whether the lines "worked" or "failed." The algorithm automatically recalculates the effectiveness of every line in real time.

Bookmark your Favorites

There is no limit to the number of favorites, so your tried and true lines are always ready at your fingertips.

Submit New Lines

The app is an ever growing repository of user submissions that will be evaluated by users like you with in-app voting.
You can also view submission by recentness.

Read & Write Comments

Every line allows users to comment on them, giving others valuable advice on delivery techniques, target choices, etc.

Want to get better with the ladies?

Hey Bro,

I know you probably have the same issues most of us have when it comes to talking to girls.


HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU? You’re standing there, minding your own business, when a drop dead gorgeous 9 walks by. Your jaw drops as you muster the guts to approach. But not knowing what to say, leaves you paralyzed in thought…


You think to yourself, “I don’t want to sound stupid or try-hard. I want to be witty and cool.”  And yet, with all of those endorphins rushing to your dome…you draw a blank!


You stumble over to her and use one of those tired opinion openers you learned from those PUA coaches… You know, the ones that girls have heard a million times:


“Hey, let me get your opinion on something… Who lies more, guys or girls?”




She rolls her eyes and says, “Is that the best you can come up with? HOW LAME!”, and walks away.


You stand there kicking yourself for not coming up with something more original.


I know, I’ve been there so many times, and I always tell myself, “I have to come up with some better lines.” If you’re like me, you’re probably great in conversation, but YOU JUST NEED THAT ONE ICE BREAKER to get the ball rolling.


Or how about this one; she starts throwing attitude like she’s royalty and you’re a lowly peasant. You try to think of a comeback to get her to see you’re no chump.


Knowing the right neg would send her ego reeling, and reset the frame back to “I’M THE PRIZE!” – but the words escape you.


I’ve seen so many guys get punked at bars every weekend. Some have developed thick skins and are good at taking shots, but ONLY EXPERIENCED VETERANS IN THE GAME CAN DELIVER THEM BACK. They know the secret to teasing these girls without going too far and making them feel insulted.


Out of all of these situations, the one that really gets me is how GUYS GET STUCK ON THE PULL. That’s right, how to get her from the bar to your house?


You’ve jumped through all of the hoops of getting into the bar or club, buying drinks, striking up conversation, making her laugh dancing, and everything. But at the end of the night, she gives you THAT DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS LOOK, and you, fearing rejection, settle for an awkward kiss on the cheek, and “I’ll see you next time.”




Yeah, dude, I feel your pain. Some nights, I felt like throwing in the towel too, and retreated back to my man cave to lick my wounds.

I decided it was time to turn the tables, and use technology to my advantage.


So I went to work for a year creating a solution to all of the problems above, and the best part about it is, YOU CAN CARRY IT IN YOUR POCKET!


That’s right it’s an app, but not just any app. I scoured the internet, talked to PUAs infield, got feedback from girls to put everything at your fingertips.


Get this, it’s a database, of NOT JUST PICKUP LINES, but of…


OPENERS: Ice breakers used to open a conversation with anyone.


NEGS: Backhanded compliments used to undermine the egos of the hottest 8’s and 9’s.


PULL LINES: Proven lines that help her make the smooth transition back to your place or hers.


RESPONSES: Comebacks for every type of excuse she might come up with (so common).




With a few finger swipes you get:


Easy access to the BEST LINES ANYWHERE ordered by effectiveness or date submitted.


A USER BASE OF RELATED COMMENTS on experiences to help you deliver the line most effectively.


But it gets EVEN BETTER…


You can VOTE ON THE LINES to let other users in the community know if “IT WORKED” or “IT FAILED.” Your vote gets added and an effectiveness rating for that line is instantly recalculated. The lines are ordered by effectiveness, so you can see which lines have worked the best most recently. That means you know the line HAS WORKED INFIELD with guys just like you!


You can even LEAVE NOTES AND COMMENTS on any line in the app, so others can benefit– for example, the best way to deliver the line or who is the most appropriate target.


In addition, USERS CAN SUBMIT NEW LINES, which get added to the app, so you’ll never get tired of seeing the same old lines.




There has never been a pickup app this complete or this useful for the guy infield.


Want to COPY/PASTE THE LINES FROM THIS APP directly into your dating apps and website messaging platforms? You sure can!

With the GotPickup Lines app you can LEARN, SHARE, VOTE and have ANYTIME ACCESS to the best lines in pickup community has to offer.


IMAGINE THIS: While those other, so called players are trying their best to sound interesting, witty and boss with the same old-time lines their fathers’ used, you’ll DOMINATE THE SEXUAL MARKETPLACE and leave them scratching their heads as to how YOU GOT THE GIRL!


The next time a girl asks you to buy her a drink, you’ll know exactly what to say to make sure you DON’T GET USED AND DISCARDED like the rest of her orbiters.


When she has a common excuse to not go home with you, you’ll be able to give her a response that reveals if she really has a boyfriend, an important meeting in the morning, a judgemental roommate etc. or if she’s just testing your resolve as a player.


This app is so controversial, that Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, would ban it in a second. This is why YOU CAN ONLY GET THE GOTPICKUP LINES APP HERE.


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE… When you subscribe to the GotPickup Lines app, you’ll also get a FREE COPY of my 50 page ebook, “How to Pickup Girls by Negging.” It jam packed with useful information on how and when to deliver these specific types of lines that are also found in the app.


Lets face it, you can continue doing things the old fashioned way with the same mediocre results you’re used to, or you can step up your game with THE MOST DANGEROUSLY EFFECTIVE PUA APP EVER MADE.


GotPickup Lines is the game changer! Do yourself a favor and GRAB IT TODAY!



This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Use it when on the go.

GotPickup Lines App

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