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Our app runs on a platform called “Appsheet.” This allows us to make GotPickup Lines a private app that is independent of Apple or Android appstores.

We make app authorization mandatory as a means to control who has access to the app. This helps us control spam attacks, moderate user generated content, and reward contest winners. We only record your email address. All logins are made by your service provider (we only record your e-mail address).

Google Drive






Any Microsoft Cloud Provider

Nope. We, as well as the user base, are constantly adding new lines to the database. That means new lines are being added every week. You can sort the lines by date instead of the default effectiveness, by tapping the most recent icon. That way, you can always see the newest content on the app.

When you purchase a subscription to GotPickup Lines, you can install and run it on up to 5 devices.

From time to time, we will post contests in our social media and email you a notification as well. By submitting lines, valuable comments, or other items during the contest deadlines, you will automatically be entered to win. Just make sure you read the rules for each contest carefully.