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Manipulate Into Sex – Review

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Manipulate Into Sex - Review
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pua approachThe primary subject matter in Manipulate Into Sex – Secrets of The Pickup Artist volume 1 is day game, the sport of approaching random women during the day for gaming purposes.  Many of the principles discussed are about general interactions with women and can be applied to night bar/club game as well. Although, the timing and approach considerations may be different in day game, the way she responds and the dynamics/signals of attraction are the same. Actually, the first two thirds of the book can be applied to almost any type of game. The last third or so deals with specific factors in day game, which will be discussed below.

The first section discusses covert manipulation. @pua_dating_tips explains what natural pickup should look like and how to fly under her radar so she isn’t even aware that seduction is taking place. By employing these tactics, her deflector bitch shields don’t have a chance to be triggered. He describes the process of being “smooth” with the ladies, calibrated and congruent , to not set off any red flags.

Nice GuyThe author does an excellent job explaining red pill reality mindset where you see women as they really are and not some Disney character of adoration or a symbol of purity that can do no wrong. Opening your eyes this way can help you understand women’s motivations and keep from overly emotionally investing in them prematurely.

With that, he goes into frame control and explains why a man should never subjugate himself to a woman, for she will never respect a man who allows himself to be dominated. The irony is that women try their hardest to put you in the role of the pleaser who must work hard to earn her affection, and yet, this is exactly what kills attraction for them. He then teaches you how and why it’s important to flip the script on them.

You’ll learn why nice guys get played and “pity fucks” don’t happen. @pua_dating_tips explains that it is imperative that you create the perception of being a high value male in her eyes, and goes on  to explain exactly how to achieve this. Pickup is all about perceptions and by controlling the frame, you create this perception of higher value.

In the game, time is your main commodity and screening out time wasters is a must if you want to be efficient about achieving success. The book goes into detail about exactly how this is done.

Although the book is not so much about the specific techniques that one employs in game such as push-pull, kino, etc, it deals more with principles and the mindset a player must possess, which are just as important, if not more. It’s also about understanding the mindset of your target, for women think and rationalize their actions in a very different way that we do, as men.

This book contains the elements that I see missing in so many guys’ game out there. In game there are many aspects of social dynamics, social skills social intuition, calibration, and authenticity which most pickup manuals barely mention, and leave students struggling and confused as to why they aren’t getting the results of their gurus.

It’s as if they’re magicians who know a bunch of magic tricks, but nothing about showmanship, audience engagement, suspense building, the element of surprise etc. The whole interaction must be understood to pull off a successful show.

That’s why the author recommends incorporating pickup as part of your lifestyle, rather than something you do. Becoming a social person who interacts with many women on a daily basis will help you much more than being an introvert with a bunch of theory. He prescribes exercises to help you realize this lifestyle.


  • He also suggests methods for “internalizing” your game and overcoming your “sticking points.”


  • The correct mindset one needs to overcome the dreaded “approach anxiety.”


  • The importance of journaling your field reports.


Outcome independence – Why developing this mindset is paramount in succeeding with women. Without it, you will inevitably develop oneitis and consequently, like so many other betas, become her emotional slave.

He provides a chapter on finding motivation in game, as it is a time consuming hobby, that if not approached correctly, can lead to burnout. @pua_dating_tips gives you tools to keep you pumped about sarging including:  the hunter mentality, the power of “what if?”, channeling lust into game drive, self amusement, methods for getting in state, developing a “I Don’t Give A Fuck” attitude and much more.

creepyThe next part of the book discusses the ins and outs of day game. Everything from how to avoid behavior that creeps women out and could have them contacting authorities, to implementing rules to keep you approaching instead of making excuses. Momentum is key in making day-game work and @pua_dating_tips teaches you what you need to know to overcome approach anxiety and stay focused on converting your interactions.

A big part of baiting women in game is to secure their investment in you. Tactics such as dread game, jealousy, scarcity perception and cat string theory are discussed and how they can be used to get her to invest and chase you.

The next chapters of the book deal with the concept of slut judgement that is just as ingrained in modern “liberated” women as it was in women in the past. The author explains that women are pleasure seeking creatures who guilt themselves for wanting such pleasures. He tells you the secret to hacking her societal conditioning to allow her to experience that which she truly desires.

ladies manThe final chapters address how to generate attraction through confidence, conversation, and attitude. It is here that he gives you his secrets on being interesting, inner game, changing her mood instead of trying to rationalize your way with her, cold reads, enthusiasm, and being different to set yourself apart from the average Joe.

Although some concepts will require greater study for the newbie to fully appreciate, Manipulate Into Sex is jammed packed with the knowledge you need to grasp before interacting with the opposite sex. It will save you so much pain and aggravation because you will learn to read her reactions and adjust your game for success instead of going home with your dick in your hand complaining about bitches.


$7.20 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

This book written in a comprehensive, yet succinct manner, and doesn’t waste time with a bunch of introductory fluff. The inner game and mindset psychology of pickup isn’t found in most PUA products, but Manipulate Into Sex has great insights in this area.

Our verdict is 5 stars ★★★★★ GotPickup approved!

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For $7.20 it is absolutely an amazing value!
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