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Pimp Your Puppy, Player

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woman holding puppyAnimals have a way of disarming the bitch shield that many women have up around strangers. Everyone knows that dogs, especially cute puppies are chick crack in most societies. Their warm and snuggly characteristics remind them of the comfort of innocence childhood, much like the teddy bears they used to clutch at night. As PUAs, they are our ace up the sleeve.

Here’s the drill:

If you don’t already have one, borrow a cute puppy and sit outside of a coffee shop or restaurant. Ask a girl outside if she’ll watch your dog while you go inside for a second to place your order. Most of these establishments don’t allow dogs inside so she will most likely oblige.

If she makes a comment like “You’re so cute” or anything like that, act as if she was referring to the owner or the dog and return the compliment by saying “Thanks, I think you’re kinda cute too” The “kinda“ is key because it’s a subtle neg. It’s giving her a less than stellar compliment that she will read into and subconsciously reaffirm whatever insecurity she has about her looks. She will most likely try to win your favor by flirting in an effort to try to convince you that she’s actually hot and very attractive.

dog walking chickAfter going inside for a few minutes, come out and thank her. Tell her you’ve never seen your dog so happy and you think he really likes her. Allow her to continue to hold the leash unless she hands it back to you. Tell her that you think the puppy likes her more than he likes you. Ask her if she wants to take him home. If she accepts, tell her that it will be a supervised visit to make sure she doesn’t break his little heart (she will read into that too). Anyway, tell her you’d really like to thank her for taking care of your dog and would like to invite her out for some drinks in return. Alcohol already implies a romantic interest and she will already know if she’s interested by that point.

A variation of this technique involves you coming across a chick walking her dog while you’re walking yours. Dogs are usually very social by nature and look forward to greeting each other. When you get a few yards away from her, simply let go of your leash and egg your dog on to go get her. Then simply act like the leash got away from you and apologize for your dog’s behavior. Say something like, “I’m sorry about that, he usually isn’t this forward, he must really like your dog.” Let her pet your dog and get to like him. Then let the conversation progress normally. You can ask her about the breed of her dog, what he or she likes to do, and most importantly, ask her where is a good place to walk the dog. Then you can suggest that since the doggies like each other so much that you should arrange a play date or a walk together sometime in the future.

pet snake*Something you nerds should know:
This trick doesn’t work with animals that women find repulsive or frightening. So don’t go out there with your pet iguana, rat, or tarantula or more intimidating adult dog breeds like pitibulls, rottweilers, or German shepards and expect to get the same results.

Using pups in online game works well too:

Guys have discovered that including animals (especially puppies) in their online dating profiles works well at stroking women’s soft spots and pulling their heart strings. Here are some tips…

Make sure the puppy is cute (a given)

Hold him close to your face

Have the dog appear to like you or want your attention

Make eye contact with the canine

The more human the interaction appears, the better.

Tinder Dog Lover

Don’t overdo it, or you risk them catching on.


You can dress the dog, add accessories, etc., as this will also project your sense of humor.

Use the puppy pics sparingly, since you don’t want to make it too obvious that it’s a ploy.

According to one reddit user, he tested sending girls pics of himself with various dogs on Snapchat and it works like gangbusters.

Let me know if you’ve found any secrets to success in using dogs to get pussy (cats) in the comments below.

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  1. Robby B

    I tried this shit with my friend’s parrot and it pulled like crazy. I would get their attention by saying “Hey sexy, give us a kiss.”, in a parrot voice. The girls would turn around and say, “He did not just say that!” Got laid twice this way. Totally works.

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