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The Short Guy’s Guide To Getting Girls

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short guy 2 girlsSocio-Biological Attraction: is based on old ideas of gender roles, nurturing, and the concept of the Provider-Protector. Broad shoulders, loose hips, strong legs, big arms, and a defined jawbone are traditionally considered the physical traits of an attractive man who is playing the male gender role because they indicate that the man will be able to protect and provide for her and her offspring.

Heterosexual women tend to be physically or sexually attracted to men with traditionally masculine features such as a muscular frame, a square jaw, big nose and small eyes. These physical traits often signify higher levels of testosterone, and are more common in “alpha males.” Alpha males demonstrate a particular set of personality traits as well that include directness, decisiveness and intensity. The combination of these traits subconsciously reinforce a man’s ability to reproduce with healthy genes, provide, and protect the family. And unfortunately, nothing conveys more physical dominance than height. We’ve all heard of the fairytale prince who was “tall, dark and handsome.” So what happens if you don’t fit this alpha masculine stereotype? Does it mean you just don’t measure up and should throw in the towel and go home?

Short SupermanMost short guys tend to give up so easily because they start with a defeatist attitude. When a woman comments on your height, she isn’t turned off, she’s testing your reaction to see if you’re insecure about it.  Thinking that because you are short you are automatically disqualified by all women is a common attitude with short guys. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Although being tall is definitely an advantage in pickup, it does not mean that as a short guy you can’t compete.

Just look at the amazing, albeit very rare, short players in the National Basketball League. These guys make up for their lack of height and arm reach by developing superior skills in other aspects of the game. They are usually lightening fast, with mad ball handling skills and are always first to snatch the rebounds. They shoot better 3 pointers from the outside, and have a higher percentage free throw shot than their taller counterparts.

Here are some simple skills that you can learn and can place you above behemoth counterparts any day.

fashion for short guysLearn To Dress: A guy who’s normally a “5″ could easily become an “8″ with an upgraded wardrobe. Women focus on clothes and fashion more than faces or even body types.

A form fitting well tailored suit will blow away the competition most places, as nothing conveys more success. Although, it might make you look too formal and intimidating in a casual setting like a bar or club.

Don’t wear horizontal striped anything. It makes a fat guy look fatter and a short guy look shorter. Vertical stripes are fine. Don’t wear oversized or baggy clothes either. They make you look more disproportionate and dwarf like.

If you have a short torso, don’t tuck in your shirts. Let them hang over your belt. This deemphasizes your waistline and your body proportions. Also, try to minimize the contrast in color between your shirt and your pants. Don’t wear a light shirts and dark pants that tend to cut your body in half. Don’t use cuffs on your pants as they cut your leg lines giving you a shorter look.

Avoid pants with a lot of loose extra material, particularly in the crotch area. These make you look shorter. Pants with high inseams, like designer jeans, make your legs look longer, and thus give you the appearance of being taller.

short guy & tall girlLearn to Dance: Women in general love to dance. They love the whole romantic idea of male/female synchronized, graceful movement towards a common goal. Most guys including tall guys, have two left feet and only even attempt to dance after being thoroughly intoxicated.

Dancing gives you the opportunity to lead a woman in her steps, and nothing is sexier to a woman than a man who knows how to lead. Even women who have had no experience or instruction in dance report great experiences when they allow themselves to be lead by a man with the right moves.

The more types of dance you learn the more access you’ll have to women on the dance floor.  It isn’t necessary that you master all of them, but you should be good at at least one of them. Learning to dance your grandma’s ballroom dance or the flappers’ Charleston, isn’t going to do you much good in today’s era. Stick to the more popular sexy stuff in your area: salsa, hip-hop, country and swing are some of our favorites.

As a short guy you have to make sure you have every advantage in your favor, including the details that taller guys tend to overlook.

I’ve personally watched a tall, roided out alpha get rejected while a short, well dressed beta kiss closed a 9, after dancing with her.

Sing or Play an Instrument: Women are emotional creatures and you can play their heart strings by strumming that guitar, blow their minds by blowing that trumpet or singing their panties right off. Women truly believe that a man who knows how to make music can probably make love just as well.

Don’t neglect your hair, your weight or your hygiene: Looking and smelling good is something that women spend hours in front of the mirror getting just right. They are impressed by a man who takes the time to polish his look and scent as well. Remember guys, just a dash of cologne, don’t walk around smelling like the factory.

tall man shoes

1950’s vintage tall man shoes are now more discrete.

Make yourself appear taller: There are several tricks that short guys have used over the years to gain up to 6 inches on their natural height. Those few inches may be all you need to feel more confident and get your foot in the door with the hottest girls. Below are three ways that you can create the illusion of height.

Improve your posture: When you stare at a computer all day long, you may be prone to hunching your back to see the monitor better. When you have a slouchy posture, it results in maximizing your spinal curvature, hence reducing your height by one or two inches. This can be corrected by changing your posture to a healthy one. Adjust your monitor properly so you can see it while sitting tall. If you have trouble maintaining good sitting posture, place a tennis ball between your back and the seat back, and hold it in place to maintain good posture. By learning to pull your shoulders back and lift your head and chin when walking and standing, not only to you improve circulation, joint function, and breathing, but you can add a full inch and a half to your stature. There are many free videos on YouTube that can show you how to correct your posture as well as some shoulder support devices (see Amazon.com) that can help maintain that ideal head and shoulder balance.

Get 2"-4" Taller Instantly - Click HereGet a pair of Tall Man Shoes: Back in the day you had to spend mucho dinero to buy customized high heeled shoes or wear bulky work boots in order to get that competitive lift; that is no longer the case. Tall Man Shoes (product available here)  contain invisible height increasing insoles do more than just add height. Their shoe lifts can make a significant difference by altering perceptions, emotions, and your ability to achieve better results in any situation. Simply slip the hidden heels into their flats, sneakers, dressy shoes, casual loafers or boots to experience the new, sexier you. These shoes are engineered to be much more comfortable than other rigid ones I’ve tried. Life is short, but now you don’t have to be!

Get a taller hairstyle or sport a hat: Use gel or mousse to pump up or spike that hair upwards and give yourself the appearance of being a couple of inches taller. Don’t sport long or bushy hair; big hair only makes your head look larger, which can make it look more out of proportion to your body. It’s best to keep your hair cropped short, at least on the sides and in the back. If you don’t have enough hair to achieve your look, you may choose to sport a stylish hat instead.  Fedoras, vests, and suspenders (the classic man look) happen to be back in style as of the time of this writing.

Change your attitude and behavior around women: The key in all of these behaviors is to be subtle about it. You don’t want to look as if you are overtly overcompensating for your shortness like some aggressive short guy with a classic napoleon complex.

Learn to deepen your voice:  Taller men tend to have lower voices because they have longer vocal tracts and vocal folds, the main determinants of pitch. It is the lower bassy pitch that women equate with confidence, testosterone and alpha status. Most short guys don’t know how open their chest cavity and use their diaphragm muscle to speak, but instead rely solely on their throat muscles and voice box which produces a nasal or higher pitched voice.

Short Celebrities With Mad Game

Prince and Tom Cruise

Prince and Tom Cruise, both short studs.

Tom Cruise is only 5’7”, yet he is one of the highest paid action stars in Hollywood. Notice, he is very fit for a middle aged guy and is meticulous about his teeth and his hair. He’s always dressed in something cool, which makes him a catch as soon as he ends any relationship. Of course, the money doesn’t hurt either.

The musician Prince was only 5’2”, yet he commanded the stage better than many of his taller cohorts. Women would line up after his concerts for a chance to sleep with this monster of talent. Prince knew that his pompadour hairstyle, platform shoes, and manly motorcycles were an image equalizer.  In addition, he always performed in music videos with very petite vixens which allowed him to maintain his larger than life presence on the stage and on the pop charts for many years.

short guy tall girl

Elijah Wood (Lordof the Rings) & Pamela Racine

These are just some of the strategies that you can use to help you gain an edge in pickup. Remember, the main thing that will attract her is your self confidence as read through your body language (how you carry yourself), your speech, and your overall positive, socially extroverted attitude. Height challenged is just an obstacle that you can overcome as long as you don’t sell yourself short.

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